5 Uses For Food Flavoring

5 Interesting uses for Capella or The Flavor Apprentice food flavoring

1. Carbonated Water

Lets face it, that carbonated sugar beverage you're drinking is just not healthy for you. Why not find a great alternative to that by taking soda water and make it taste delicious without all the sugars. I have tried for instance Blueberry Pomegranate with just a few drops per ounce and it can make that beverage pop. Not to mention it's pretty fun to try out different flavors at different levels and find what you like. Now the flavors you will taste wont be as packed full of sweet carbonated sugar but it will give you a nice light enhancement direct to your palate.  Capella has a few options they direct specifically for this purpose and they use stevia for a nice light sweetener. Start with 1 or 2 drops per ounce and increase to your desired level of flavor.

2. Coffee

Coffee has a wide variety of grades and flavors to choose from. You can start off your day with your morning ritual of homemade coffee and breakfast or a latte from your favorite barista. It can definitely add a nice extra boost to your morning ritual. Start with 4 or 5 drops per 8 ounce cup and increase to your desired tastes.  I have had success with Double Chocolate for instance.

3. Diet Soda

I know, I know we just talked about how bad soda is. But if you cant stay away from it I'd say maybe try a diet coke and add some Capella Vanilla Custard or French Vanilla. Maybe even try a mix of one or both and some kind of fruit. For this one a total of 5 drops per can to start off should yield great results.

4. Icing

You didn't think this was all about healthy stuff did you? Take a look in your local grocery store and you will find a decent selection of chocolate and vanilla icings with a few other options hanging around. But what if you want icing that tastes like a mango or a banana?  Add 5 drops of Capella Sweet Mango to each cup of icing used and mix it up.

5. Pudding

Once again we have a product on the shelves with 2 options vanilla or chocolate. Maybe you want that chocolate to have some cherry flavor. Try out 5 drops of Cherry Cola per serving should make that standard pudding stand out to your taste buds.